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The Playbook to Essential Style (Digital)

The Playbook to Essential Style (Digital)

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In The Playbook to Essential Style, you will learn basic styling techniques to build a stylish and chic wardrobe.  While defining and exploring your style, you will find some play-by-play strategies to create the necessary essential wardrobe that offers tons of options and versatility for mixing and matching. The playbook is all-inclusive with style advice, designing tips, and insight that emphasizes self-expression through fashion and the importance of having fun with what you wear.

A great gift for any teen, young woman, or professional business woman!

The Playbook to Essential Style covers:

  • Staple, essential pieces every wardrobe should have
  • Dress codes
  • Where to shop

…and so much more!

Within these pages, you will learn, build, and explore your essential style!
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