The Brand Sweet Consulting


Creating looks or images for brands, events, and clients that allow the muse or model to engage with and attract their intended audience.  

Experience Creator

Create an exclusive experience crafted with a collection of resources to tell a story or communicate a specific message to your audience or employees. Give them a experience they will never forget! Why? Who doesn’t love an EXPERIENCE? Our company conceptualizes, designs and implements all components of the EXPERIENCE to be an extension of your brand, enabling your guests to effectively connect with your company. 

Social Media

Here’s the deal, social media has become a part of daily life!  It’s time to join or refresh your online presence and get with the times!  It’s about more than just posting. It’s about understanding your audience. It’s about creating a strategy. It’s about recognizing opportunity and executing when it counts. We are striving to reach your audience in a creative way through a variety of social media channels for your company and brand. Our objective is to provide social media insights, eye catching content, and recommendations to enhance and reach your online performance goals. 


What makes up your brand’s DNA? How do you want your customers to identify with your brand?  Brand consistency is key!  Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo that identify and distinguish the brand.  AO The Brand Sweet will develop a look and feel that ensures a strong brand identity that strengthens your company's brand recognition and presence.