William Penn High School Entrepreneurship Day

William Penn High School Entrepreneurship Day

William Penn High School Entrepreneurship Day 

April 20th, 2023

When I was asked to participate in William Penn’s entrepreneurship Day I was so excited to have the opportunity to chat with the next generation of entrepreneurs! Our day started at 7am, whew I don’t remember being in class that early, but I was present and ready to share the real with them.

I was on a panel with 5 other creatives and entrepreneurs and we shared everything from business planning tips, life balance, mindset, to monetizing.  One thing I pride myself on is being straight forward and forth coming with information.  I wanted to pour into these students and encourage them that whether entrepreneur or employee you can do whatever your heart desires.  “Showing up as your best self, nurturing relationships and understanding the value in them” was something I could stress enough to the students during our panel discussion.

After each panel discussion we had an opportunity to visit the gym where a few students were set up to promote their businesses. Now, this was amazing to see, but not so amazing for my pockets, but it’s totally okay – because I love supporting small businesses. Its times like this that remind me of my why, and why the work I provide for small business owners is so important and how it can inspire and nurture the next aspiring entrepreneur!

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