Rebirth Radio

Rebirth Radio

I loved being able to share parts of my journey, on Rebirth Radio!!! One of my most beloved things about being an entrepreneur is that my family paved the way.  I want to always have be able to pay homage by sharing how their journeys inspired mine and helped mold me into the business woman I am today.

When I be began my journey there weren’t as many resources as there are today to help small business owners.  I am honored to be able to lead a program that offers resources, trainings, and programs that help start up businesses and help to elevate existing businesses.  Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. We talk about a lot of the beautiful parts of it, but not the difficult parts.  Shea and Eli provided me an opportunity and space to be transparent and forth coming about what I have experienced as a business owner and what I have seen from others and how you can use that to fuel the impact you want to create or the business you want to build.

I wanted to be able to shed light, educate, and inspire those who want to be entrepreneurs. My advice is learn and know, your worth and move with purpose and passion.



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