The TEDx Process - TEDx Journey Vol. 2

The TEDx Process - TEDx Journey Vol. 2

“People have been constantly asking me, ‘How do you feel about your TEDx talk’?  Where do I begin?  Honestly, I am a ball of emotions.  EXCITEMENT, it is such an exciting time!  I have received, as I like to call it so much ‘TEDx love’!  Between the TEDx tribe to local media, I have received a ton of notice for my upcoming talk and it is amazing!  Most importantly, it is exciting and humbling that people care that much about the idea I want to share. The NERVES, I have been practicing every day, everywhere from the shower to walking down the street and there are still times I draw a blank.  It makes me crazy especially when I know that know this talk inside and out.  But I also have faith that if I push a little harder that I will be fine and conquer this talk with excellence.

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