Blogging for profit?  I began blogging to find another way into the Fashion industry and to share my unique views on an industry I love so dearly.  I started my blogging life with The Trendsetter Fashion Blog and took a hiatus and recently began Blondie Jones.  I shared this story in much greater detail at the Blogging for Profit Panel discussion recently. The beautiful ACT Generation Global Technology School in downtown Wilmington created a sophisticated and intimate space for this conversation and the view of the city was an amazing backdrop.  I was one of the three panelist to discuss our careers of blogging and share key tips that can help you make money untraditionally blogging.  The event was hosted by Porsha Hargrove of Porsha Hargrove PR and DelawareBlack. It was well attended by some great anxious and ambitious future bloggers, who dished out some great questions during our Q&A. 

A little about me the creator of Blondie Jones – I have been writing about fashion for years, about 10 years to be exact.  I started blogging and began to leverage that into $ by then writing for magazines and guest blogging for other blogs.  I learned so much as the Fashion Editor of Signature Hits and Hope for Women magazines, knowledge I have consistently used to move forward in my career.  I am not a traditional blogger I use my blog as a tool to share great things in fashion and on life and & style with my audience. Using your blog as market content will allow you to directly and indirectly market to your field of choice. It’s okay to monetize, but consider thinking out of the box as well.  Please visit for footage from the event.

Are you looking to get started blogging? Here are the major keys you missed!

  • Just do it!  Stop thinking & Start Writing!
  • Find YOUR VOICE!
  • Research your area of interest!
  • Think about what you want your brand to Say! (logo, message, etc.)
  • Create a writing & social media schedule to keep you focused and on task.

I was honored & humbled to be asked to speak on this panel and I hope I was able to assist in someone else’s goals and aspirations. Keep your eyes open for Porsha Hargrove’s next event Bloggers Vs. Vloggers.   Cheers to a successful event! Let’s all be great and continue to inspire

Blondie Kisses!

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