Let’s set the scene!  A busy Times Square, 90 plus degree weather, a chic venue called Qi, and a day with a thousand possibilities.  12 women and 1 man gathered to discuss Style, Business, Success, and Fashion at a Multi City tour event called Style Conversation.Style Conversation is an intimate private event that allows an opportunity for networking, style conversation’s, and business ideas and strategies to take place.  The conversations are led by designer/stylist Sara Crawford- Jones of fashion brand Anara Original and published Author of The Playbook to Essential Style. sc2

The first stop for Style Conversation was held in the fashion capital New York City – it was a fabulous event.  The invited guests varied from Showroom owners, bloggers, to fashion creators.  Great wisdom and beautiful spirits of unity filled the room as we enjoyed Thai cuisine discussing a variety of topics such as the difficulties in the fashion industry, our ultimate style icons, and strategies to implement to thrive in our careers.  It was a pleasure to be among these women to learn, hear their stories, and share my own. Now that I have shared a glimpse into Style Conversation.  Here are the top 10 Fashion Tips from Style Conversation NY.


Top 10 Style Tips from Fashion Insiders

  1. “Style is ultimately about self-expression—reflecting your inner beauty onto the outside and sharing it through style choices by using a simple foundation and building onto it.” – Sara Crawford-Jones @anaraoriginal |
  2. “If you look in the mirror, and question it, DON’T WEAR IT – what you wear is your walking brand” – Brittany Bowers |@chiconwallst |
  3. “While shopping remember to build onto pieces you already have in your closet” – Miransc4da Kwei | @organizedwithstyle
  4. ‘It is important to always ensure your accessories don’t overdo your outfit – sometimes less is better” – Raven Robinson| @Pr2politics
  5. “Your choice of hair style is just as important as your accessories when choosing an outfit” – Shanice Parker | @billzproduction
  6. “Find your ideal silhouette and ROCK IT” – Amber Dover |@glambergirlblog
  7. “Shop for and wear what feels and looks good to YOU! Trends come and go, style is a visual representation of your personality, own it” – Shena Nicole |
  8. “Confidence is your best accessory… it’s what makes your sexy shine bright” – Quanasia Graham |@thestylemadame |@houseofmadame
  9. “Learn how to mix & match” – Dominique Spooner |@_forgetmenot_96
  10. “Be different, create a style all your own” – Kevin Jones

The next Style Conversation will be held December 18th in Delaware.  Be a part of this Stylish conversation, network, learn, and share.  To request an invitation or details for a Style Conversation near you visit



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